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Welcome to our online fitflops sale singapore. What is a sandal? Sandals are that has a very simple structure. Sandals are the earliest human history supplies the foot, which evolved from the original inclusions. Ancient civilizations have appeared sandals, and their appearance structure looks is on a solid sol with straps or rope. As early as 3500 BC, the Egyptians on the wet sand left their footprint with a rope to compile a match the size of the soles of the feet with rawhide with them fixed in the feet. This sandal is very practical, and can put them to the soles of the feet from dry, rough ground damage; the downside is that the foot is exposed in the daytime. Smart women in Egypt put jewelry decoration above, both anti-sun, but also beautify the image. Now the latest research and development of an anti-static sandal, it is suitable for widespread use in the clean room.

The oldest known sandals (the oldest known shoes of any type) were found in Fort Grottoes era organizations in Oregon radiocarbon dating sagebrush bark should be at least 10,000 years. Word sandals are from the Greek word sandalon. Comedian and philosopher of the ancient Greeks distinguished sandals wear willow leaves, twigs, or fibers baxeae and cothurnus, boot sandals, or higher than the middle of the leg, wear by tragic actors, horsemen, hunters, and a man's status and authority. The latter is the only one, and sometimes more than usual thickness of the cork sheet insertion, addition to the wearer's body. The ancient Egyptians wore sandals palm tree leaves and papyrus. They are also sometimes observed the feet of the statue of Egypt. According to Herodotus, sandals of papyrus are part of the need and characteristics of the Egyptian priest's clothes.

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